Let’s start the saga… If you Google “vegetarianism” you will be surprised of how people like to define and label other people, their beliefs and especially their food choices. This is a fact! We just love to put labels to others and sometimes to ourselves and we get pretty disappointed when we don’t manage to stick to the label that we had arranged so nicely on our forehead… and we get frustrated and disappointed in ourselves. This is so normal in our current society, that we don’t see it anymore as something weird. I don’t like definitions in general (as you can see), but for the sake of this article I will do my best to handle this one particular

CHERRIES – May’s medicine

I have been waiting for May every day of my life and when it’s finally here, I live each day with joy delighting my senses with the distinctive taste of cherries. I dream of cherries all year long. Between me and you, in May… I live for cherries; and I believe that cherries live for me and for you also. They are sweet, juicy, colorful, full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as if they are drawn from a children’s story with rosy cheeks. What else can you wish for?!… A delight for the body, mind… and soul, because cherries bring to me a lot of joy. I have not met anyone who does not eat cherries, nor would I like

Stand up for what you believe in

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone” – Andy Biersack I have so much to say about this subject and so much to share with you, my friends that I feel a day won’t last me to write this article; but I will try to organize my thoughts into logical sentences We are all born with the sense of confidence in ourselves; all the kids have confidence in themselves, by default. Taking into account the lack of courage and self-expression that we see today in the world we can assume that somewhere on the road we lost our confidence and our personality. When did we start to appreciate others ideas about life, more than our

Meat consumption kills the planet

Does the title bother you? Well…it shouldn’t, because it’s the pure truth. I can agree with you that it doesn’t sound too good, but I believe that we must know the reality and accept the facts. Even if, from now on, we still decide to consume meat, at least we will be aware about each aspect of our food choices, regarding the planet and the environment. We hear all the time about pollution and about the bad treatment that we apply to our planet, but we don’t know exactly what this means and what we can do. We have an idea, we talk about this, but we do … merely NOTHING. On our planet we have a lot of sources

JOGGING – for fun

“The body achieves what the mind believes” – Jim Evans I am sure that all of you heard about jogging and almost all of you practiced this way of moving, at least once in your life. Nowadays, jogging is very popular among people and it became a nice way of exercising, keeping your body in a good shape and keeping your health in an optimal state. Well, jogging is not such a new fancy way of exercising if we take into account the fact that jogging equals running and running, of course, is as old as our species. I know! You will say that jogging means running at a gentle pace for long periods of time, while in the human


“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” -Voltaire If you ask me, the feeling of freedom is an essential feeling for the human species. Nothing compares with freedom and nothing can be put over it. We are born free and we will die free, or at least this should be the case. I thought about freedom and what it represents, but mostly at what we think is freedom. My conclusion was that we define it in a vague and superficial way and we don’t fully understand what would mean to be truly free. It is hard to imagine freedom in the true sense of it because,

RAMSONS – April’s favourite

Everything in nature has a purpose and keeping it between us, nothing is accidental. No matter how much we try to be independent of nature … it doesn’t always work, actually it never works. Nature works only accordingly to pre-established laws and is adapting all the time to different conditions, which unfortunately today, are increasingly harsh. I don’t want to generalize, but the cruel and barbaric ways in which we approach nature and even ourselves, are unwise and without clear judgment. For nature does not need to worry too much, it remains alive, with us or without us, depending on what we choose … and I hope we choose correctly and knowingly! With this in mind, today we start a

Blood Oranges

I discovered blood oranges 2 years ago, in a pretty well known supermarket in my town. At first I didn’t even knew that blood oranges exists. I know, it sounds silly, but this is the truth. I just thought that the pasteurized juice found in stores, labeled as “Red Blood Orange Juice” was just normal OJ colored in some red. Let’s say that I believed in some type of conspiracy theory regarding this subject. …not proud about it! The red blood orange is roughly the same size as a normal orange, but sometimes varies in size. The distinctive red blood color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of antioxidant pigments common in many fruits and even flowers, but uncommon in

Let your PASSION come to surface

I want to begin by saying that each one of us has passion hidden inside. There is no human being on this Earth who doesn’t have passion for something. Passion is our true nature and usually it’s discovered by listening to ourselves. I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t have any passion and because of this they don’t fell motivated to do anything. Instead, they are doing activities that they hate; they are surrounded by people that they don’t like, listening to music that puts them in a bad mood and so on. These are habits that start in childhood, for most of us and they continue, unfortunately all our lives, without us learning that this is


CHOOSING INSPIRATION INSTEAD OF PERFECTION   I used to have a really bad relationship with food, as a child and then as a teenager. Until the 2nd year of university I never questioned my food choices and especially never realized that perhaps I was eating too much, or too often, or maybe at the wrong hours, too spicy or too salty or even to fatty, etc. It simply didn’t cross my mind that my way of interacting with food was so far from what is naturally intended for us humans. When I was a little girl I was very much in love with my dad and… fried potatoes. Believe it or not, I was obsessed with potatoes, in any way