Arugula … 5 ways to enjoy it

I usually buy and eat arugula whenever I find it fresh and crispy in the supermarket, even though the supermarket is not my favorite place for buying greens, fruits or legumes. Unfortunately, I cannot find arugula at the farmers market. Anyway … I just absolutely love this amazing plant, first because it tastes amazing, 2nd because I can combine it with lots of other foods and 3rd because it is extremely nutritious and healthy. When I 1st tasted arugula it seemed a bit bitter to me, because I wasn’t used to its flavor, but after a couple of times I felled in love with it. Taking this into account I have decided to make a small research on this delicious

Dr. ROBERT MORSE & his book

“The Detox Miracle Sourcebook” I could talk hours and hours about this incredible man. He is changing the world, no doubt about this; and the most important thing is that he is bringing us to a better understanding about life, health, true values and healing at a deep level. According to the description found on : “Dr. Robert Morse is a board certified and accredited Naturopathic physician, a biochemist and an herbalist. He is the founder of a naturopathic clinic, an herb pharmacy, and a school of detoxification. Dr. Morse was a protégé of the late Dr. Bernard Jensen, the founder of the science of Iridology, and a great advocate of raw food. Jensen called Morse, “one of the

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or… The true Law Of Atraction

BELIEFS, DREAMS & REALITY or                        … The true Law Of Atraction Everyone wants a single thing from life: HAPPINESS! That’s all! For some people this sounds very complicated and for others sounds very simple and normal. For both categories of people happiness is all, the “Alfa & Omega”, “the last frontier”, “the cheery on top of the chocolate cake”, shortly said: the essence of life. In my point of view happiness is our true nature, we are happy by default. Imagine a newborn baby in his mother’s arms, smiling just because he exists and because he feels alive and safe. This is the “print” which we bring to this world, the desire to be happy no matter what. We

Orange juice and Turmeric powder… sun in a glass

In the cold season, one of my favorite juices is fresh squeezed orange juice… heavenly delicious! When I buy oranges I follow a funny ritual: I take an orange in my hands, first I check the color, then I gently squeeze it, to be sure that it is juicy, I smell it … and then I finally smile, because each orange remembers me of Christmas holiday, which is my favorite holiday of all, since I was a child. I have always enjoyed the smell and the taste of oranges, as I already mentioned it, but never really enjoyed their texture, I don’t know why, probably because of the layer of skin that covers the beautiful, juicy orange cells. As you


   … “Free your mind and the rest will follow” – great song I believe that the best answers come from a place of quiet and stillness. This is not a story! This is true! I am sure that you all know that when you are thinking and thinking and again… thinking, usually, you don’t manage to get the right answer to a problem or the right solution for a specific situation and sometimes you might not even find a solution at all, due to the huge amount of thoughts that are running through your mind over and over again. This is when frustrations and worries enter in our life, the moment in which we forget to live in the

Are PROTEINS giving you headaches?

In front of a good cup of tea, wouldn’t be nice to bring into discussion the very famous protein, in its entire splendor?! A lot of books were written and thousands of conferences were kept and way too many nerves were involved in a topic as beautiful and simple as protein. To start in an optimistic style, we can say for sure that the protein is neither an alien codenamed nor a new brand of shoes. For me this is clear! 🙂 Protein is (according to the dictionary) an organic substance composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc., which is a part of every animal and plant cell protoplasm, performing various core functions in the body. That being said,


Our daily … MEAT “People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.” — Pino Caruso I will never forget the day of 26th of December, the 2nd day of Christmas, St. Stephen, my grandmother’s birthday, the opportunity to meet with my family: grandparents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and other relatives. What a day! What a holiday! How fun! What preparations! What goodies! What a feast worthy of praise!

Blue Planet and Earthlings

I get very emotional when it comes to Earth, the blue planet. I almost get speechless. I do hope, however, to chill out and write with passion about the incredible place that all of us chose as home. My love for Earth has roots in childhood, since the times when my father was reading enthusiastically books written by Isaac Asimov (for those who do not know, Isaac Asimov was an author of science fiction). He was always reading at least 1 page before going to sleep. I remember that I was laughing inside of me when his hands were trembling under the weight of the book and finally, the book was landing surely over his eyes, and then….. He was

Why physical activity is not a spoiled act?

I think I hear around me, at least once every 3 days, that it is important to exercise. Almost everyone is talking about it and everyone advises, always someone else, to engage in sport, because it’s serious stuff. The world agrees by moving the head up and down and swears that it will not pass another day without any specific bounce. Usually, the talks begin in spring or summer, before the supreme test, the bathing suit, and they disappear gradually by the beginning of autumn; let’s make it clear that most of the discussions remain at the level of discussions, without physical involvement and especially without remorse. My ex-boyfriend, the TV (we almost broke meantime … mismatch character), in the