Girl on shore sunset

This morning we stopped at a gas station to fuel the car; nothing special so far. As I sat in the car, waiting for my colleague to return from the cash register, I couldn’t help myself to observe, just a little bit, all the people that were passing by.

This is an interesting practice that I like to explore now and then; it’s very interesting to watch people, to observe all their gestures, to see how they react, to see their body language, to see if they smile or if they are sad, to see that every one of them has their own story, to live and to tell. We are all so different, yet so beautiful, each of us in our own way. 😀

Have you ever tried to observe people, from a non-judgmental point of view? You will be amazed of the beauty that lies inside all of us, even if we try to hide this beauty with all our effort, in our desperate hope to not get hurt one more time…& sometimes we try to hide our true feelings, emotions and state of mind with nice clothes, fake smiles, beautiful make-up and spectacular stories about how life is amazing for us. Nevertheless we are fascinating to watch!

What I mentioned above is valid, in my point of view, only for people who are passed age 8, and it’s intensifying more and more as time passes by, in such a rapid way, that at age 20, we all wear “protection masks” to hide ourselves from us and from others, for the false purpose of being safe and loved. Because this is what we are taught to do, this is the main brick that stays at the base of education, since….forever.

You will be loved only if you act in this certain way…if not, you will be punished or deprived of my love!”

We are educated in this punishment-reward type of mentality that will govern our main decisions in life, and we won’t even be conscious enough to realise that life is not about others perceptions about us. This is the reason for which we act from a reaction aspect and not from true desire or conscious decision.

Work in progressWhat I mean about this?

Most of our behaviour is a learned behaviour, from our care holders, that integrates perfectly in society and that doesn’t take into account our true nature and the differences between us as human beings. We are all different, so education mustn’t be the same for all of us, if not, we will all become fake copies and we will forget who we truly are, and believe me when I say this to you, is not an easy thing to undone. It is very hard to find yourself after a lot of programming from the society; BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

Now, imagine that every day, all day long, you make decisions, you choose paths, you act and most important, you react from a point of view that it’s not entirely yours to begin with? This to me is frightening, especially since I find myself in the same situation as 99% of us.

What to do? Because we CAN do something, we always have options.

We can start by observing ourselves from a non-judgmental point of view, as like we are looking at somebody else, and consciously be aware of our emotions in different situations, each day.

We can observe WHEN we get nervous, mad, when we feel attacked, when we feel shame, low self-esteem, sadness, powerlessness, or on the other side of the coin, when we feel joy, love, self-worth, compassion, happiness, etc.

After this 1st step we can ask ourselves WHY we feel the way we feel and WHAT is the core reason for our emotions. Is it really the joke that that person made on us, that got us mad, or that joke was just the trigger for a much deeper aspect of us that got buried in us, when we were trying to fit in society and act as “normal” people do? If we react and purge all our insecurities on the person that just made a joke on us, we will be reacting from our insecurities, and not from our true self…At least this how I see things now.

We have to dig into ourselves to rejoice with our true nature and make peace with our past. This will ensure us a much more realistic action and reaction to life itself.

We were all hurt in life and we were all disappointed at some point, but in order to not let those experiences to act on us the way they do nowadays we have to make peace with them and we have to get conscious and to find a completion somehow.

We are all work in progress and this is not wrong, actually is the very best thing that could happened to us, because this means we are getting more conscious each day and we can live more and more close to our true nature, to our true personality, like a child does. 😀

We are all trying to do our best; we are all waking up, each on our own path.


I for myself, I have to say: “I AM WORK IN PROGRESS!

I am on the path of discovering myself each day.

I am discovering myself:

With each mistake that I make,

With each bad decision that I take,

With each smile that I bring on somebody else’s lips,

With each song that I sing out loud

With each walk that I take in the park

With each food that I eat

With each tear that I drop

With each joke that I say

With each kiss that I receive

With each hug that I give

With each resentment that I hold

With each injustice that I see or make

With every single bit of air that I breath

I am …LOADING, I am in a process, and I progress

Just like a 8 year old!

Girl on beach on sunset

Let’s seek for progression, not for perfection, let’s walk our own unique paths and let’s bring our emotions with us, daily. Emotions are our friends; they guide us to the things that we love. 😀

Don’t you ever be afraid to express them, regardless of their type 😀

I am relearning how to do this every day

3 TIPS for buying the perfect avocado

Against all opinions it pretty damn easy to buy a perfectly ripe avocado from the supermarket or from the farmers market. This is what I can say now, after at least 20 rotten avocados + 20 unripe ones, bought in my first attempts of introducing avocado in my diet.  😀 … I wasn’t a genius at the beginning. Well since then, things have changed and I became a master in choosing perfect avocados from supermarket. After countless fails, I finally managed to know how I can recognise a perfect avocado. I can even give classes on this subject 😀 !!!avocado3

I personally love avocado, ripe avocado I should say. It helps me in the kitchen a lot because I can use it in all sort of recipes and even eat it as it is, in salads or on toast. I heard some people saying that avocado is disgusting and oily and I cannot understand why; in my point of view is the perfect food, or fruit I should say, because avocado is a fruit, a perfect fruit. Yes it is! 😀

Also, avocado is loaded with a lot of nutrients (vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin E, Folic acid, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, etc) + fiber, which makes it even more perfect 😀 !

I suspect that maybe some of the people, who didn’t like it at all, didn’t eat it properly ripe, the first time they have tried it…or who knows why?

Now let’s cut to the chase and see how we can pick up the perfectly ripe avocado from any supermarket, without having any kind of difficulties, at all.



This is the first step when you choose to buy any type of fruit, especially avocado. Now if you want to eat the avocado right away or that day you must pick it already ripe. This means that you must search for an avocado that has the colour:  dark brown (or maybe a reddish brown). This aspect is very important and it’s a major step ahead.

If you want to eat it, let’s say, in a few days, you can pick a green or a greenish brown one. Avocado will ripe at room temperature in approximate 5-6 days. So it all depends on when you want to eat it.



This step is crucial! You can have a perfect dark brown avocado which is either not ready to eat or you can have a perfect dark brown avocado which is overripe and who knows, maybe already rotten. We want to choose a perfect one right? Soooo… take the avocado in your hands and squeeze it gently to see how firm it is. You don’t want it to be firm and you don’t want it to be mushy either.avocado4

The perfectly ripe avocado will have a little give, not too much, but just enough to feel like is ripe (slightly soft) but not overripe. With practice, you will learn what I am talking about; it’s not hard at all.


There is also another way of making sure that the avocado is ripe, but I don’t like to use this method too often.



This is the easiest part. Look at the avocados stem and then try to remove it from the avocado. If the stem comes off quickly and easy this is a good sign that the avocado is ripe. But be careful and pay attention to the colour of the avocado under the stem; it should be a greenish-yellowish colour. If the colour is brown, this means that the avocado is overripe and might have rotten parts inside it.

This is not my favourite way of making sure that the avocado is ripe, as I said before, because I don’t like damaging the fruit in any way, if I don’t buy it for myself;avocado1

The best way of detecting a ripe avocado, in my opinion is to combine TIP 1 with TIP 2, and as a last resort use TIP 3.

Remember, if you want to eat the avocado now or in the next 48 hours choose it using the above methods, if not, just buy a regular green and firm avocado, but make sure to have the stem on (in this way you will make sure that will ripe correctly and will not rot), and it will be ready to eat in 5-6 days if you store it at room temperature, as I already mentioned before.

P.S. Ripe avocados last in the fridge up to a week. 😀


I hope this info will help you to choose the king of avocados! 😀 😀 😀

Let’s talk GLUTEN

Almost in every food store you enter you find at least 1 product which is labelled as gluten free. This is a trend that I saw since 3-4 years ago. At the beginning I wasn’t familiar at all with the “gluten free” subject, but as time passed by, I educated myself a little bit and most important, I watched myself and I learned from my own experience.


bread and pasta

I cannot emphasize enough how important is to learn from your own experience, even though the experience of others might seem legit, we are all different and we perceive things differently. This is the reason for which our own experience with life is the most valuable of all. Don’t get me wrong; learn from others experiences and don’t repeat again and again their mistakes, but put more value on your experience. 😀

Now back to our gluten subject. What is gluten, first of all?

Gluten is a mixture of 2 proteins present in cereal grains, especially, which is responsible for the elasticity of dough. As simple as that!

The problem with gluten is that is incriminated for many problems such as: rashes, brain fog, IBS, intestinal issues, allergies, joint pains and a lot more. Also we have an autoimmune disease that is believed to be caused by gluten. This is celiac disease, which as far as I heard and learned is not a joke at all. Celiac disease is real and affects people at all ages, but it is pretty rare I would say. According to gluten is bad for only 0.7% of Americans. This means that 99.3% of people can consume gluten without any problems. There is an even simple blood test that we can take to check out if we are prone to have celiac disease. Get tested if the subject concerns you.

Gluten is found in cereals such as: wheat, barley, bulgur, rye, oats, seitan(fake meat). It can be also hidden in the products that you least expect to contain gluten, such as: salad dressings, some veggie burgers, microwave soups, vinegar, condiments and so on. So if you are concerned with gluten, you can try to avoid these products and read the labels carefully, but don’t forget about the percentages of people that actually suffer from celiac disease. It’s pretty small.



If you are trying to avoid gluten, these are the foods that you can consume in order for you to enjoy food, be healthy and feel amazing: fruits (bananas, mangoes, cherries, berries, peaches, apricots, pineapple, grapes, melons, tomatoes, etc), veggies, beans, chickpeas, peas, seeds, nuts, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoua, all types of rice, soy (if you are ok with it), tapioca, potatoes (all of them), gluten free pasta, gluten free breads, corn and polenta, millet, plant based milks, arrowroot, green leafy vegetables and all kind of products made from these gluten free foods that I just mentioned.

And yes, meat and dairy don’t contain gluten either. But why to consume these products, loaded with such a bad reputation, from all points of view… when we have such beautiful and nutritious pallet of foods to consume instead, right? 😀 This is a question that we should all think about.

As you can imagine the “gluten free” thing is a multibillion dollar business that works perfectly nowadays and in my opinion is based on fear and on the fact that people are not informed enough and are even tricked into thinking that gluten is bad for all of us. When a thing becomes profitable, at this scale, we must question everything; this is the thing that I learned in the past few years. I encourage you to do the same, based on your own thoughts and common sense.

Isn’t a bit weird that the stores are full of gluten-free products and more, the products are not cheap at all? Isn’t it weird that although the commercials tell you to start eating gluten free products, they lead you to choose the processed ones, made by them and they get a ton of money on these products? Why they don’t just tell you to eat unprocessed gluten free foods such as fruits and veggies and rice and beans? You know why? Because is not so profitable… well this is a bit weird for me… at least. 😀

My friends, people lived on gluten cereals and some fruits and veggies for 10 000 of years and they lived fine in good health and strength. Trust your instincts and your body; BUT… if you are celiac, avoid gluten… like forever. This is not a joke.bread

Personally, from my experience, I learned that no excess is good and that cereals can be sometimes rough on my digestive system if I exaggerate in quantities… because you know… they are tasty and satisfying. 😀 So the key is to learn what type of cereals is better digested by your body and to eat those ones in particular. Also the cereals can be prepared in many shapes and forms and the process of cooking them is sometimes the key to a good digestion; but this is a subject for the future, for the times when I will be much more informed and prepared to write an article about this part also. We all have to know our boundaries 😀 … and be sincere with us and with the ones around you.

You know what digest perfectly, without even knowing… FRUIT and VEGGIES. Well maybe that might be a part of the answer… just saying 😀


Well… I just love sushi and since I don’t live in Japan or anywhere near Asia, my family and friends find it pretty weird. My first bite of sushi was on a work trip in Germany, and boy… I was delighted. This happened many, many years ago…and yes, around that time I didn’t even knew about vegetables to much, so my first sushi contained raw fish, I know… bad girl! But this is the truth. I have never had the chance to taste veggie sushi, until I made my own. 😀

This recipe is pretty simple and it doesn’t take too much of an effort to try it. This dish is low in fat, high in carbs, rich in minerals, rich in proteins and vitamins and… it tastes amazingly good.


As “equipment” you need:

  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife
  • 1 pot
  • Rice rolling mat, or anything that resembles it (I used a bamboo napkin roll)
  • Plastic wrap
  • One spoon
  • Sauce pan
  • 1 glass with clean water

Ingredients for this recipe:

  • Nori wraps (made from algae) – around 6->8 wraps
  • Sushi rice (or any kind of short-grained sticky rice) – around 250 grams
  • Veggies of your choice (I just used 2carrots, ½ red and ½ yellow bell pepper, ½ avocado and 1 small cucumber)
  • Rice vinegar (I used 3-4 tablespoons of apple vinegar: D )
  • Brown sugar (2 tablespoons)
  • Water (600 grams for boil, 200 grams for “dipping your hands”, 100 grams for diluting the vinegar)
  • Salt (this is your taste)
  • Tamari sauce (for seasoning)


1). Boil the rice. It would be best if you have sushi rice. If you don’t have this type of rice, you can easily use any kind of short-grained sticky rice. Boil the rice according to the indications written on the bag of rice and then strain it from water.

2). Cut your favorite veggies. I just used some carrots, red and yellow bell pepper, ripped avocado and cucumber. I washed, peeled and then cut them in long sticks.

3). Place rice vinegar and sugar into a small sauce pan.  Over low heat, mix well until your sugar dissolves. Add the 100 grams of water. Let the mixture cool down for a little bit.

4). After the rice is boiled and strained, pour the mixture of vinegar, sugar and water on top of the rice and mix it very well. Now you can put the rice to rest until it cools a little bit in order for you to be able to handle it properly, without burning your fingers. 😀

You can season with salt anytime you want (If you want)

5). Let’s assemble the sushi rolls! Put the water for “dipping your hands” near you. Dipping your fingers in water while rolling the sushi will keep the rice from sticking to your hands.

6). Now cover your rolling mat with plastic wrap, so the rice doesn’t stick to it and position your Nori sheet on top of the plastic wrap and dip your hands in the water.

7). Grab a handful of rice and spread it on to the Nori wrap, leaving 2-3 cm of Nori wrap free at the top. The empty portion will seal the sushi all together.

8). Lay a thin layer of veggies on top of the rice (around 3 cm width)

9). Just roll the sushi with your palms and fingers using the help of the sushi mat or just the help of the plastic wrap if you don’t have a mat, until the sushi roll is round and nice. Avoid pressing to hard!

10). With a sharp knife (not like mine 😀 ), cut the sushi roll into desired pieces, place them on your favorite plate, sprinkle them with Tamari sauce and enjoy your VEGGIE SUSHI ROLLS. 😀
Easy right ?… and pretty fancy 😀 😀 😀

WATER… tap or bottled? (Part I)

glass of waterI know you hear this all the time: “Drink your water!”

But why?! Why drinking water is so important? Why all the media is screaming in one voice the message, over and over again, like a CD put on repeat?

Well… the media is made of people right? Some of them are extremely well intended and they really want to spread a positive message concerning water consumption, while others are paid for promoting water consumption from a certain company. I am sure you are familiar with the multimillion-dollar water businesses on the entire globe.

I must say I am “a little” pissed off when it comes to water market because I really don’t understand why water has to have a market in the first place. Why a certain company can choose a water spring and start bottling that water and then sell it to us. Water should be free, in my opinion. Some of you might say that I am too idealistic or naive, but I am not. We should not put a price on water; instead we should put real value on water and guard it like we would guard a diamond…because it’s the Earth’s diamond, offered to us with love and grace. Why is this so hard to see? 

We have to stop poisoning the water, we have to stop treating water like a commodity, we have to stop saying that we cannot do anything, we have to stop not carrying about this subject, we have to stop being so ignorant. Look at the bigger picture, see what’s happening, and see how our tap water is poisoned with chlorine, arsenic, fluoride and who knows with what other chemicals, every single day…and after all of this, the water companies sell us their bottled water, a logical and profitable step I would say.

While drinking water might be very important, in my opinion, the most important is what water we drink and from what source. Even if you buy bottled water that is supposed to be clean and “pure”, as we are told so… is not always the case.

We will see why in the following lines, after we speak a little bit of why drinking water is important for our health in general:

duck on a river

75% of our body is made of water, as I am sure you already know and more than a half of our planet is covered with water. This being said, it’s clear enough that water is indispensable to us as a species. Water feeds us, transports, dissolves and replenishes all the nutrients and organic matter in our body and then it carries the waste out of the body. Water regulates all the functions in the human body and balances out the blood system, the lymph system, and a lot more….let’s say that every human cells depends on water. 😀

This being said I am now sure that we all understand why it’s crucial for us to drink clean water, or at least the cleanest water we can get.

Bottled water is not always a good source, but might be a better source than tap water if you know for sure that your tap water is full of chemicals, for example. There are a few companies that sell, let’s say pretty good water, but there are just a few in a vast majority of companies that sell water.

Unfortunately we live now in an age in which we don’t know what to consume anymore; we don’t even know what water to drink. Do you think our ancestors had these problems? Do animals have this problem? Do they wonder if they should drink water form a river, from a lake, or from the salty ocean? I don’t think so. We are the only species disconnected from nature in such a way that we cannot distinguish between what is good or bad for us.

full glass of water

I hope I haven’t depressed you too much, because this was not my intention in the first place. My intention is to bring into your awareness facts and information that you might miss, that you might not know or that you might reconsider. We need to get informed about life in general and in this case about water; we mustn’t believe everything that we hear in the media, because they are saying just a small part of the story, the part of “drink your water” and that’s all, when the story is not that simple anymore in today’s society… unfortunately.

In the 2nd part of this article (will follow) we will see what options we have for drinking clean water, how can we improve tap water, what type of bottled water should we consume and least but not last, how can we improve the molecular structure of the water using our own thoughts and feelings and what effects does this action have upon water and human body.

So we can do something, exciting right? 😀

Until than I am asking you to always search for answers at questions that you have apparently no answer and to stay opened to other answers at questions that you assume you already know the answer for.

5 IDEAS for a healthy breakfast at work

I know a lot of people who skip breakfast just because they go to work and they don’t have enough time in the morning to eat something. I used to be one of those people 😀 . I remember I was waking up without any idea of what I would be eating that day and most of the times, I thought: “I am not hungry now…so I won’t waste time to actually find something that I would eat later in the day”. Of course later on, I would be starving and around 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon I would choose something to eat from any store, anything but healthy, day after day, stuffing my face with food…because I was really hungry. Is this familiar to you?

Well, things have changed and I learned that it’s pretty easy to have a healthy and satisfying breakfast even if you wake up at 6:00 in the morning or even earlier. Most of the people are used to have their lunch at work, without any kind of problems, but breakfast… well breakfast it’s usually skipped because of the lack of time in the morning or because “ it’s not appropriate to have breakfast at work”. Why is not appropriate? I cannot understand…

Back to business! Of course you don’t have time in the morning to actually prepare something healthy and satisfying, you have to take the dog to a walk, you have to wake up the husband also, you have to feed the kids, your pants must be ironed, you didn’t even brushed your teeth and you probably can’t even find the right shirt to fit your pants 😀 . We all know this… 😀

This is the reason for which I came up with 5 easy ideas for a healthy breakfast at work in summer that will keep you nourished and in a good vibe at least until lunch.


orange juice and cherriesFruits are the easiest way to have breakfast any time of the year, but especially in the summer. What is easier than grabbing some fruits and eat them at work for breakfast? In summer you can choose cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, melons, watermelons, apricots, etc. Except the watermelon that needs a bit of preparation, but not too much (just cut it in the evening, put it in a casserole, a large one, and keep it in the refrigerator until morning), all the other fruits need 0 preparation work, you just wash them and eat them. That’s it!

Now, because the fruits are low in calories, make sure that you eat enough, eat until you are satisfied. I usually eat just one type of fruit for an optimal digestion, but you can try to have a fruit mix if you like to (but don’t mix melons with anything else, they digest well by themselves). So fruit is easy, is super healthy, high in fiber, high in water content and super nutritious.



almond milk and bananaAlmond milk and cereals are super easy to bring to work; you just need 2 containers (1 for milk and 1 for the cereals), 1 bowl and a spoon. That’s it! You can also add to this perfect combo some raisins, bananas, nuts or seeds and a dash of cinnamon. It’s really tasty and nutritious and it will satisfy your appetite for a pretty long time.

You can buy almond milk (or other type of milk that you prefer) from any supermarket or you can make it by yourself at home. From 1 L of almond milk you can have 3-4 servings, so it’s perfect for you to share it with your loved ones. Here is my recipe:

Please choose healthy cereals that don’t contain sugar or preservatives, it’s best for you that way.



pita sandwichesI know you all like wraps and sandwiches as much as I do, so I think it’s a perfect idea for breakfast anyway. You will say that it takes time to make a sandwich or a wrap, but actually you can make this in the evening and in the morning you can grab it straight away and live to work with an amazing meal.

You can put in the sandwich or wrap: tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, carrots, hemp seeds, olives, hummus, lettuce, parsley, bell pepper, potatoes, tofu, beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas or any other vegetables that you have in your fridge and make a delicious and healthy breakfast, for you and for your loved ones. You know what? If you prepare the wraps or sandwiches a day before, you can prepare the breakfast for your whole family. It only takes a few minutes and you will be sure that your family will be satisfied.



breakfastI bet you all like this combo. Peanut butter and jam is an old breakfast idea that we got from movies. Personally I didn’t even knew what peanut butter tasted like until 2 years ago when I was amazed by its taste.

It works perfectly for breakfast and it’s super easy to make. You can keep the peanut butter and the jelly at work and you can bring from your home just the freshly toasted bread.

Just toast the bread in the morning, or even in the evening, but it in your bag and voila, you have a perfect breakfast. You can eat it with your favorite tea aside or with fresh squeezed orange juice… speaking about orange juice now 😀



fresh orange juiceI know! You will say that you don’t have time to squeeze juice in the morning or to blend some fruits with greens and add a tea spoon of spirulina… but you can squeeze the juice from fruits and veggies in the evening and put it to the fridge right? Homemade juices lasts in the fridge for 24-48 hours, depending on what kind of juicer you use (another topic for other article), so you are right in the range, you will only keep your juice in the fridge for let’s say 12-14 hours, it will still be fresh and ready to be consumed.

Regarding the smoothies…it’s ridiculously easy to make a smoothie. Just trough in the blender some bananas and another fruit and maybe some greens, pulse for 1 minute and…here it is: the perfect smoothie. You can take it with you in a glass container and there you have it. 😀

There are numerous recipes of juices and smoothies that you will enjoy. Not every morning have to be the same. Once you learn your favorite recipes, you will be in love with your blender and your juicer 😀 .


These are my 5 options for today and I really hope it helps you to realize how easy is to bring breakfast to work and to have the first meal of the day in perfect harmony with your ideals.

What is your favorite one? 😀

What other ideas you have for breakfast at work?

… Please comment in the section below

The benefits of eating CORN

boiled cornI don’t think there is another food that I love more than corn; I could probably live on boiled corn for the rest of my days, without any kind of issues 😀 . From July until October, corn is my best friend, my favorite non human “thing” and the supreme happiness from my taste’s point of view. I don’t even know how to find the perfect words to express my love for corn, I blush like a teenager girl at her first kiss…in another life I was probably…well…CORN :D; I must have been, otherwise I cannot explain myself why I am so fascinated with this cereal. Because yes, corn is a cereal, and a very special one actually, because it’s not only exceptional from the taste point of view, but it’s also very nutritious for our human body; we will touch this subject in just a moment.

Do you remember the corn that your grandparents used to have in their one back yards or planted in their fields? That corn that had that far from perfect alignment of grains on cob, sometimes very crowded, and maybe with a naughty worm on it; that corn that had those scented leaves, from too much sun and that had that brownish corn silk; that corn that had that normal grains on cob, without the today’s glossy look and taste of burned sugar; that happy corn that we called “polenta on cob” …the corn with the taste of childhood 😀 ?

cornThis is the corn that you should buy!!! This is the corn that we should consume, the authentic corn, the non GMO one. If you don’t manage to distinguish the authentic corn from the GMO one, you should definitely go to farmers market and buy the local one, from people that you trust and that can provide to you a few explanations about the seeds that they used. Try to consume organic corn as much as you can and don’t settle for less than that…but remember: stay away from the GMO corn. This is very, very important. I recommend you to get informed and to study the GMO aspects in general…you will be shocked about how many things you will find.

Because I couldn’t speak about corn, without bringing in front of you the GMO discussion, I would like to share a pretty damn good article about the effects of GMO corn. Thank you for this well written article:–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html

Now that we cleared up the GMO stuff, let’s see why corn is so good for us and what are the benefits of consuming it, in its organic, non-GMO state:

  • Amazing source of insoluble fiber. It helps so much with your digestion and you can say by bye to constipation and inflamed hemorrhoids
  • Very good source of folic acid; girls eat corn if you want to ensure that you have enough folic acid for a healthy pregnancy
  • Very good source of magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, vitamin C and the group of B vitamins (not all the B’s)
  • True master in burning fats and in getting your metabolism to a peak level
  • It helps with treating colds through its content of vitamin A, which helps with abundant mucus
  • Gluten free cereal….Yes baby!!!
  • Helps strengthening your immune system
  • Because it’s high in magnesium, it’s a very good food for the ones that sufer from anxiety and panic attacks
  • Good source of antioxidants, especially good source of ferulic acid
  • Prevents your skin from getting old prematurely and strengthens your vision, because it’s high in beta-carotene
  • Can help with your blood pressure problems because it’s high in potassium
  • It doesn’t have to much calories and can be consumed without restriction

boiling corn

The corn can be boiled ( my favorite one 😀 ), can be baked, we can add the grains into salads, soups, we can make polenta with it….and maybe you can help me with more ways of eating corn (please comment below) 😀 . I would be, as you can imagine 😀 !!!

You know what else you can do with the maize (grounded corn grains)? You can used it as a scrub; your skin will look amazing, like baby skin :D. What more to say? Corn is a gift from GOD 😀

To me, corn is a spectacular plant which has feed millions of people for thousands of years. Corn sustains life in many, many cultures and it has been worshiped since always. My country is in top 10 countries that produce corn. Isn’t that amazing? …this is the reason for which I will take advantage of the season which just started and I will indulge on corn.

In these last lines of this article I would like to share with you my little secret for having corn in winter also. I some cobs and I freeze them raw for winter and in winter I boil some. My neighbors get jealous on me because of the smell of summer, in the middle of cold, windy winter 😀 .

I have no hostility to nature, but a child’s love to it.

I expand and live in the warm day like corn and melons”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

CARBS are your friend

perfect_roasted_potatoesHow many times did you hear that somebody is avoiding carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit…because CARBS aren’t healthy and they make you gain weight in just one second?

I also used to avoid CARBS, actually not really 😀 … I was just trying to… but never succeeded; it was nearly impossible for me to avoid carbohydrates. Is this familiar to you too, right? Here is my answer: You are not broken or weird. It’s normal for our bodies to crave CARBS… because CARBS are our main fuel, or should be our main fuel. This is the food that nature intended for us as a species…we all crave for it, we all find satisfaction when we eat CARBS and we all feel… complete when we eat mainly carbohydrates.

What are CARBS? They have a pretty fancy name so let’s see what we are talking about. According to Wikipedia, a carbohydrate is a molecule consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, usually with a hydrogen-oxygen atom ratio of 2:1, as in water.

In my opinion, that’s all we need to know 😀 and the fact that CARBS are not only essential to the human body, we actually cannot live without them. Maybe in the future we will create an article that will clear up for us the exact role of CARBS in a living organism.

Our bodies are designed to handle carbohydrates in a very efficient way. It all starts in the mouth. This is the 1st step of digestion; our salivary glands excrete amylase, a substance that starts to break down the carbohydrates from the food you eat. Once the food enters the stomach, the hydrochloric acid continues to break down the food, including the CARBS contained by that specific food, preparing them for the next step in their digestive “adventure”. The partially digested CARBS enter the small intestine for the key step of their digestion. Here, under the influence of pancreatic amylase (made by the King Pancreas) and another enzyme called maltase (comes from Small Intestine), the CARBS are reduced into much simpler structures, structures that our bodies can use for energy, such as fructose and glucose. These 2 babies can now be absorbed into the bloodstream and sent to all the tissues in the body, giving them proper nutrition and a big hug. 😀 ….we are designed for CARBS, don’t neglect them!

Now don’t get me wrong… not all carbohydrates are healthy or intended for us and I am pretty sure that you all know what I am talking about… the donuts, the pancakes, the fries… and so on and so forth. All the carbohydrates that come directly from nature are the best. Here is a list with my favorite ones:

  • vegetables_and_fruitsFRUITS (apples, melons, nectarines, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, citrus fruit, papaya, raspberries, peaches, coconuts, pineapples, mangos, cherries, apricots, plums, kiwi, pears, etc)
  • VEGETABLES (peas, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, celery, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, radish, garlic, zucchini, summer squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, winter squash, dark leafy greens, onions, potatoes, etc)
  • GRAINS (brown rice, oats, quinoa, millet, amaranth, corn, buckwheat, etc)
  • LEGUMES (all type of beans such as kidney beans or pinto beans, chickpeas, peas, peanuts, etc)

There are also some refined carbohydrates that deserve our attention, because they are not that bad and we can consume them without any problem, but in much smaller quantities than the ones I mentioned above, such as: dried fruits, homemade fruit and veggie juice, white rice, whole grain pasta, couscous and the list can go on. 😀

Can you imagine how many perfect recipes you can make with fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes? Ok… you can add some nuts and seeds in there also 😀 … but not too much.

If you want to digest correctly the CARBS, don’t fry the food, don’t over process it and don’t mix the food that contains a lot of CARBS with the food that is loaded with fat or protein. When you add oils to your food… the digestive system finds it very hard to digest properly any kind of food… and that’s when you gain weight!!!

veggie_saladUse fats from whole foods, such as avocado. 😀 … we all love avocado.

If you consume fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds you will give your body the perfect nutrition possible and how many times did you hear that somebody is avoiding carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit… because CARBS aren’t healthy and they make you gain weight in just one second?

Make your bulk from fruits and vegetables… and the CARBS will make your life a whole lot better! 😀


I love carbs, but denial is good training for the mind”

Jason Momoa


We need to move our body… period. There is no need for me to try to explain this; we all know it but we just don’t do it. 😀

We live in a society that is telling us to do things all the time, like this: “Eat this and that, find a well paid job, go to the gym, get married, have children, be polite, go to school so you can find a job that makes you sick and crazy and yes, my favorite one, smile all day long… even if you feel like crap… and so on and so forth. Taking this into account it is pretty hard to trust what society says nowadays, but this thing is true, we have to move our body, not matter what; the difference is that we don’t have to go to the gym necessarily. Go to the gym if you enjoy it, if you like to train in the gym, if not just find another way to move your body: D
dancing_hipoIn my point of view the gym is truly useful, long term, only for those who love it, otherwise you will go to the gym 2 months and after that you will quit, saying that you don’t have time, or money, we all know the story, me included. It took me a wild to understand that you can truly move your body consistently, only if you love it. Some people like to run, others like to lift weights, others play tennis, others play football and the kids run all day long… you know why? Because we are movement itself. Life is movement. What does not move dies in the end. We cannot pretend to live and to be static at the same time… if you know what I mean.

So… you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you are not strong enough to lift weights or to run? Well… I have the perfect solution for you… JUST DANCE!!! It’s so damn easy. Just put your favorite music on, or turn the TV on the music channel and dance like there is no tomorrow. This type of exercise is the easiest one, it doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take too much time (you can dance when you wash dishes for example) and its fun and does wonders for your body, mind and spirit.

Imagine a Wednesday evening…you just came home from a hard day at work, you are tired, stressed out, your shoes were killing you, your house is a mess and you feel depressed…. well, get yourself comfortable in your favorite clothes or better yet, no clothes at all, turn on the music and start dancing. Do this for 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week and I bet you will feel incredible. You know why? That’s why:

  • You will get more flexibledancing queen
  • You will become a more positive person because of the release of endorphins
  • You will have more strength in your muscles
  • No surprise here, but it seems like dance will reduce your stress levels by decreasing the amount of cortisol released by your adrenals
  • It seems that dance will improve your memory, there is even solid research made on this aspect, just Google it
  • Your body’s balance will be improved
  • Your energy levels will be through the roof
  • Dancing will keep you young and will prevent you from getting old
  • Goodbye depression!
  • You lose weight when you dance
  • Dancing will keep your heart in shape
  • If you dance you will harden your immune system
  • Your soul will be free to express itself through movement
  • If you practice dance in a social environment, I guess it will improve your social life also
  • You will have more energy for you and for your loved ones

These are just some benefits of dancing, I am sure that we can find more; you don’t have to believe me, just try it out for a couple of weeks and tell me if I was wrong or not… anyways I already know the answer 😀 … I am not trying to influence you 😀

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! If you have kids you can ask them to join your happy dance, they will be thrilled. In this way you can be sure that you kid is moving his body and spends quality time with you, having fun together… and who knows, maybe a grandma or a grandpa can join 😀

10 steps to feel comfortable as a vegetarian


We all met bullies when it comes to choosing a vegetarian lifestyle and it’s never easy to let them pass unnoticed.

When I was in my transitioning period from a standard diet to a vegetarian lifestyle I faced a lot of bad words and even nasty looks, for the simple fact that I didn’t choose to eat meat. People can became really mean when they want to, I am sure that you know it; but I know for a fact that people are not bad just for the sake of being bad, people become defensive and they revolt on things that they don’t understand well enough.

Vegetables and fruits

At first I wasn’t very delighted to face other’s opinion on my life choices, especially when most of them were malicious and didn’t have any argument. Months have passed and unbelievably I survived the 1st wave of nasty words, even from people that I appreciate or love. As time was passing by, I learned more and more, how to feel comfortable in situations that I normally hated or didn’t want to face.

Here are the 10 steps that helped me along my journey to feel comfortable as a vegetarian:

I cannot emphasize this aspect enough; this must be the 1st step in your journey anyways. When you get informed on this lifestyle you will learn how to live it correctly and you will know what arguments you can provide to others when they ask about common things, such as: where do you get your protein? What about B12, vitamin D or Zinc… and the list can continue as I am sure you know it.



We all have questions at the beginning and we feel that maybe something is not clear enough; relax, this is perfectly normal. Most of us were raised on a standard diet and this is all we know. Search your answers and give yourself time to process all the information that you find regarding this lifestyle. If you feel lost in different opinions or in different studies, ask for help from other people that are more experienced than you.



Some people become vegetarians for their health, others for environmental reasons, others for the animals, others for religion and so on. Decide why you choose to be a vegetarian, what determines you to follow this lifestyle and remember this reason every time you forget you feel lost or unmotivated.



Not all the people in your life will accept your new lifestyle. Some of them will laugh, others will try to get you down, others will try to offer you numerous arguments in favor of the standard diet, and others will get mad on you or maybe won’t speak to you anymore. But let me tell you that there will be some people who support, respect and encourage you on your new path. Now listen: stick to those people who accept, respect and love you unconditionally, even if they don’t understand you at the beginning.



This is crucial and will help you a lot. For example: let’s say you like your Sheppard’s pie and you cannot accept the fact of not eating it anymore. Good news! You don’t have to. There are plenty of options for cooking your perfect Sheppard’s pie, in its vegetarian form. Try to find solutions for your favorite meals and continue to eat them but in a vegetarian option. Besides that, try to find new recipes also, recipes that you will find very, very tasty.



I think this step can be used in any life situation, but for the sake of this post I will tell you that you will not win a single heart with such a behavior. Nobody likes arrogant people. You are not better than other people because you choose to be vegetarian. Remember that, always!



This is such an important step! Don’t force your ideas, your thoughts and your passion for this lifestyle on anybody. All of us have our own path. Remember that this lifestyle must be inspired by your own example and not forced to others. People will follow you anyways if they see that you thrive, are happy and you bring a positive message to the world. This doesn’t mean that you cannot share your passion with others, but make it in a positive way, with gentleness. A very smart person said once: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”!



This again is valid for life in general, but I think that it fits perfectly as the 9th step in our list. Find others that became vegetarians for the same reasons as you, organize meetings, get out in the sun, chat online, have fun, be a normal human being, laugh and learn from each other.



You changed! Good for you, good for the planet, good for the animals! I repeat: you are the one that changed but the people in your family might never change (although I doubt it seriously: D) and this is again OK. Don’t pretend to be PERFECT in any area of your life. There is not such a thing as perfection. Try to motivate wisely your choices and try to have decent conversations with your family, show them what you know and what you have learned, cook them healthy and delicious meals, support them, love them, hug them show them appreciation for what they are and for what they choose to eat, say, do or think. This is the same support that you want for yourself, isn’t it? …and who knows when a vegetarian husband, brother, kid or mother in law might show up at your door?:D



Remember that diet and is just a part of our life, a very important part, this is true, but there are also other important things in life that people love to do. They love to laugh, they love to spend time together, they love to watch movies, they love to be goofy, they have passions and desires, the love to move, to dance to read or to make love. I am sure that you are one of them. Don’t neglect the other part of you and don’t turn vegetarianism into an obsession that doesn’t let you … be you, as a whole 😀


These are my thoughts on how to feel comfortable as a vegetarian and I hope they help you. Take it step by step, and love every part of this journey. Remember: get informed, don’t judge, love your family and friends regardless of their diets, surround yourself with supportive people and have fun with your life. But hang on darling, I forgot to say something:

You are a spectacular human being, worthy of all the love in the world.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise